• Choose a list.
  • Choose your rocks.
  • Choose a tournament.
  • Choose a squadron.
  • Choose a which stream to watch,
  • Choose your dial covers, transport solutions, templates, and tokens.
  • Choose healthy ships, high agility and good action economy.
  • Choose your targets.
  • Choose your faction loyalty.
  • Choose your favourite ships.
  • Choose your Star Wars themed T-Shirt and whether you magnetise your bases.
  • Choose which of the 25 alt art Boba you use and whether you can justify Han gunner.
  • Choose repaints and wondering what the f*ck you are going to do when there isn’t an X-Wing tournament on.
  • Choose staring at the table watching mind-numbing spirit-crushing dice rolls, stuffing another burger into your mouth.
  • Choose getting salty at the end of it, despairing over your dice screwing you over, nothing more than the sum of the mistakes you made in the turn before, and looking at all the times you should have done something else.
  • Choose to fly better.
  • Choose Rebel Beef . . . But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose Rebel Beef: I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got Guri?

Hello all, I’ve been away a couple of weeks, sometimes real life gets in the way of X-Wing, work, play, other things. Sometimes a break is needed. Sometimes there are things more important, possibly even than going on adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

It’s been a bit of a journey away from the game for me, but life is good. I’ve had a few messages from people asking if I’ve been ok, which I really appreciated, it’s a reminder of how great a community we are lucky enough to have when total strangers message you asking if you’re ok. Thank you guys.

At UK Nats over games expo I wasn’t able to play due to work commitments at the show but it was great to drop in and see so many friends there. I want to give a shout out to Elysha Richards, overseeing her first FFG Nationals (in 5 game systems at the same time, a big old task) and her X-Wing team led by Vince Kingston, who did a really good job of running a very smooth event. Not playing at UK Nats did mean that I missed out on some games, so I went to Italy for the SOS overseen by Alec Thorne and Marshalled superbly by Kris Mitchell.

many UK players got their first taste of international x-wing. many players will be doing it again I think.

A whole bunch of Brits went, one of the highlights of international X-Wing is always getting to hang out with people and go for meals and stuff. Sadly my brain wasn’t quite in gear for that. Still reeling after working UK Games Expo I was very content for quiet nights and less exuberant scoial activities, like finally getting round to reading Harry Potter. So apologies for not being my usual gregarious self.

One of the big developments in my life over the last couple of weeks is that I have got a new phone, after many many years of Iphone I have jumped to a Samsung cause cheaper… but alas it lacks the Lens FX app I have been using all this time to put explosions and things on photos. This I am truly sad about as a picture tells a thousand works. Hello MS Paint… you admirable stand in.

no one will notice the effects aren’t as good right?

I took the only thing in my case, Guri Fenn. It’s the most enjoyable list I’ve ever flown. As Maciej Paraszczak pointed out between rounds that whilst it might be a powerful and high skill list, it is also incredibly susceptible to bad match ups and bad dice rolls. It’s inevitable that at some point Fenn will go pop, Guri will blank, but it’s also inevitable that Fenn will unload a ton of damage in a turn, and Guri will infuriate your opponent by just never being there.

In the main event I went 4-2, after 3 rounds I was top of the whole event, with travelling companion Dale Cromwell (with imperial aces) second and the mighty Faan Langelaan (with quad K-Wings) third, seperated by a mere 22 MoV.

Game 4 I ran into Marcin Raczka with triple Jedi, all at I4. It’s a list I’ve shredded on a couple of occasions, however Marcin’s list had a trick that other variants I’ve come across didn’t have, 2 copies of sense instead of 1. And he used it very well. Queue Fenn rolling all the blanks at range one with a focus and suddenly Guri was up against 2 Jedi, one more bad turn and the game was Marcin’s, he flew well and Guri, got caught in the key turn that would have seen her disappearing into the sunset.

I won the next round against Alessandro De Bono, but the crunch 6th game, which I had to win to make the cut was against Corran fan Miguel Cerezo with Han Brake and Corran. Miguel kindly said that the dice turned on me, but Han Brake is so hard for Fenn to deal with and Guri is pretty powerless against it. Miguel flew well though and deserved his win. Its the second time at an SoS I’ve been on 4-1 and run into a very tough match up in the final round of swiss. Still, 4-2 left me 27th and flying a purely hyperspace list that I love at an SoS and getting that felt really good.

I would have been sad about getting so close to templates and not getting them but Kris Mitchell is a crazy kind human being who kindly game me his set of Boba Templates. As much as red squadron templates would be lovely to have, I don’t think it takes any sense of imagination to know how much more the Boba ones mean to me.

On the plus side, two very good friends, and fellow 186th members made the cut. Dale Cromwell and Julian Hood both made top 16, and I was so happy for them both for getting their templates, and Julian went on to make the top 8. I was super pleased to see my friend, and Italian ETC captain Alessandro Marmorini win his home open.

The Italians are wonderful people, they gave us the greatness of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and other non turtle related artists. Their ingenuity once conquered the known world. They gave us wine, pizza, pasta, but they seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the rebel variety of beef at the moment, I don’t think I have ever seen so many rebels. The top 8 was 7 Rebels and 1 Republic, which is no criticism of the players, rather an observation on why we need the up coming points change. I suspect when the Spanish open comes around there will be some very different options being flown. Variable points: thank you FFG. (hopefully my 23 point bid will be enough to cover however much Guri gets pushed up!)

I had some fantastic games over the weekend, and would like to thank everyone I played for being great opponents, playing in a great spirit, and giving me some truly memorable games. I really have to give special thanks though to Julian and Dale, proud to call you guys squadmates and friends, and a big thank you to Anna and Filippo Bossi for always being the warmest and most generous friends an X-Wing traveller could ask for.

Back to Hyperspace Trials next weekend so expect a more battle reporty post then, I’m aware that this week is a bit different. Simply too much going on in my head to get it all down on screen.

Sadly I have had to cancel my planned visits to the Paris Open, the XTC and Euros in Poland. That awkward combination of finances and time have come home to roost and I have had to chose some things over others. I need to thank Alex Birt for starting a gofundme page for me to go to Worlds. It is incredibly kind of him to organise that, cause without it getting there and back again would be a seriously huge ask for me. Once again, a friend and squad mate has shown me just how great this community can be.


If you’re looking for tournaments to head to then the 186th Tournament Calendar is a good place to start.


  1. Ever thought about dropping some upgrades and taking a third ship? I’ve been running wedge han and found adding a third ship can make a huge difference in a lot of games.


    • nope. don’t want a third ship. these two make me happy, there isn’t another ship in the game that I could add to enjoy the experience more, unless I can have kylo in there too…. ;P


  2. I love that Sam Jackson quote! I’ve gone back to flying Boba/Guri, and it reminded me why I love this game. Fenn is too explosive for me, but I do want to try the thicc Guri. I wish Scum had another hyper-maneuverable ace (like Kylo, Anikin, Obi-Wan) since Dengar and Han just don’t make the cut.


  3. I’ve still been in love with Boba as my favorite ship to fly. I tried Guri, but so far she hasn’t felt quite as natural, and so far I’ve had more fun leaving those points for a fatter Boba by taking Fenn instead. Now I was offered a trade to get a scum falcon, so I’m experimenting on TTS trying to figure out whether to have Boba as the kite and Fenn as the hammer, or fly Boba as the Hammer and figure out Han the kite… Still keep getting drawn back to 2 ship lists either way.


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