The X-Philes: There are Hits, and There are Misses

There are terrors hidden in dark places in a Galaxy a Long Time Ago Far, Far Away. One of them is new, and he’s the absolute death of Aces. At a “standard” 39 points the monstrous Captain Nym has surged into the Meta, and shaken it up. If you haven’t met this ridiculous brute then allow me to introduce you:

Captain Nym
Autoblaster Turret
Accuracy Corrector
Bomblet Generator
Veteran Instincts

If you’ve been blessed not to run into this beast here’s he is so savage:

Nym toys

Firstly he’s pilot skill 10, which means that the likes of Fenn Rau, Soontir Fel and the other aces in the X-Wing world are suddenly reconsidering their choice of elite pilot talents. Having a 3 dice primary with a barrel roll makes him very good at ace hunting, even without the other toys he has on him.

The first pair is “Genius” and the Bomblet Generator. A free bomb every turn is one thing, but the ability to drop this before or after movement and NOT be affected by the explosion means he can get into things and bomb them with total impunity. And because he’s PS10 he can pick the most damaging point of his move to do it.

The second pairing is the Autoblaster Turret and the Accuracy Corrector, two unblockable damage at range one every turn is crazy good, and because (again) he’s pilot skill 10 he can get close to whichever low health high agility ship he feels like ruining.

mulder surrender

All this together gives one mean monster of a ship. Even more potent because he can do all these things while stressed. I’m expecting him to be everywhere in the next few weeks and months. If he couldn’t take Veteran instincts he’d be manageable for aces, if Genius was restricted by bumps, or one use only then he’d be manageable. Potentially four unblockable damage, a minimum of two is utterly filthy, and the bane of so many ships out there. If Cad Bane is in the list too then that consistency gets even better. The word “broken” get’s floated around a lot in this game. I think “hard to counter” is a better description.

cad bane unblockable.jpg

His choice of wingman is massively important. Dengar is an obvious one, but with 61 points to play with the scum arsenal is full of options that are worth looking at.

Of course there are ways to beat him down. He is a one agility ship after all. A certain brace of Firesprays would ruin him on the way in… Kath and Boba could potentially drop him to two health before he ever gets into his really damaging range. They just need to kill him before he gets too close and personal.

Two tournaments this weekend and I’m trying something new. After suffering from the potency of Andrzej Rodziewizc’s Ion Turret on his Hawk at the ETC I got to thinking, that would really ruin Nyms day, the question is, how to make it as reliable as possible. Ion cripples Nym as it takes away his ability to drop bombs as he doesn’t reveal a dial, rather is assigned a white one forward. Plus the turret is range two, which means well managed moving can keep the autoblaster turret at bay.

I got to thinking, who is the most consistent turret wielder in the game?


Now I’ve got that out of my system:


The consistency offered by potentially having a four dice attack against a one agility ship means that Nym isn’t going to be keen on closing to where he needs to be. He’ll be aiming to bump the Y-Wing for sure. As far as Astomechs go the only choice for a Scum Y-Wing is an Unhinged one in my opinion.

Ion is great, but again a savage lesson I learned form Andrzej was just how brutal Ion and Stress can be, which means getting a stress token and an Ion Token on Captain Nym would effectively end him. Just keep putting that Ion Token on him. Which means finding a stress causing mechanic in the list is important. I looked at options, like Syks with cannons, and various others, but ultimately there can be only one pick…

Assaj hello boys

Yes, she has caused me so much pain in the last few months, yes she is a brutally effective member of the “top table squad” and a key part of the Meta. The fact that I am going to take her just shows how much I think Nym is going to be a thing. He is such a strong counter to most of my usual nonsense.

Elite Pilot Talent choice for the list is, for the moment obvious, Mindlink. The action economy it offers is just too good to pass up. Changes may happen in the future but for now I stand by earlier posts that Mindlink is the most efficient EPT in the game. Points are going to be tight here so I’m not going to have much to spend on her. The choice of optional extra I have gone for is an old favourite of mine, Black Market Slicer Tools. Aces aren’t a fan of it plus any sort of control is good. The normal Latts option is incredibly useful but she’s too expensive here and I kind of like leaving the stress on. Especially with that Ion Turret around.

Which gives me a few points left to play with… 30 to be exact.

old terry

I did look hard at Fenn Rau, cause why wouldn’t I? But there weren’t the points there for him, and weighing in at one hundred points the list will have no initiative bid which Fenn kind of needs. But Old Teroch, he fits rather well, mindlink, autothrusters and concord dawn title weighs in at 30 points. Plus his token removal is yet more control in the list. Fenn might be able to bludgeon things to death but Terry fits the feel of the list more. There aren’t many lists that like the idea of having their tokens stripped.

All of which makes my list look like this:

Asajj Ventress Old Teroch Kavil
Black Market Slice Tools Concord Dawn Protector Ion Cannon Turret
Attanni Mindlink Autothrusters Unhinged Astromech
Attanni Mindlink Attanni Mindlink

There are other things that this list is going to be good against. Miranda isn’t going to be a fan for a start, she won’t want to get into range two of either Ventress or Kavil, Expertise gets shut down, so Dengar and Rey have to be careful, Even RAC can’t stop the damage coming his way with blinded pilots. I suspect it is a bit of a tool box of a list. I’ll have to fly it differently to how I normally approach games but that’s ok.

Yoda Shakespeare.jpg

Or I was going to fly this… until I flew a couple of games with it on Vassal tonight and just didn’t enjoy it! It’s a genuinely good list, and as you can see I spent and age thinking about it.

It’s just not for me. I play this game because it’s fun, and I’d rather lose weeping as one of my ships explodes into a thousand pieces as Nym tears through it but go home having enjoyed the rest of my day than beat the dirty git into the ground with a list tailored to ruin him, only to not enjoy the rest of my games. Of course I like winning games! I don’t go to this many tournaments because I love the thrill of losing…

scully facepalm.jpg

If you can’t beat them join them is an old adage with a lot of truth. But if you join them then you end up with mirror matches and feeling the hollowness of people sighing as they have to fly against the same things again and again. If you’re a complainer about the Meta (even if you fly the meta) then it’s up to you to choose, you can be a part of the “problem” (in some peoples minds) or you can be a part of the solution. Winning isn’t everything. Just fly what you love and love flying it.

Fenn Rau Old Teroch Kad Solus
Concord Dawn Protector Concord Dawn Protector Concord Dawn Protector
Attanni Mindlink Attanni Mindlink Attanni Mindlink
Autothrusters Autothrusters Autothrusters
Plasma Torpedoes Plasma Torpedoes

Last time I was at Reading Mark F tore my three protectorates apart in the final with his Dengar Nym List, and there was nothing I could see to do about it. But I had a great day flying these ships. Yet fully aware that there is a strong possibility of that happening again I’m going to fly the same list. Cause I love it. I’ll play the two tournaments over the weekend and write about it on Sunday evening. Of course my reckless enthusiasm may have turned to salty tears by then…

Fenn, Terry And Kad Will Return… (hopefully not in body bags)

If you’re looking for events local to you then head over to the 186th Tournament Calendar.

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