E.T.C. This Is What I Call A Target Rich Environment

It was fairly inevitable that I’d be writing a preview article about the European Team Championships (ETC), there’s no way I’d be able to get it all into one place after the event without it being an actual book.

There are some very strong players going to this event, pretty much every team has national and regional champions in their ranks and we’re all getting together to see who can play with plastic space ships the best.

ETC Tom Cruise

I’m hugely proud to be going to the event in Salamanca, Spain, to represent Wales. My Grandfather was Welsh, and I feel very honoured to represent Wales in memory of one of my true heroes for this event. The rest of my team are:

  • Stephen Gage (Captain), Dash/Miranda
  • Piers Horry, Ketsu/Ventress
  • Seb Brady, All the Y-Wings
  • Ryan Davies, Ryad/Vessery/Duchess
  • Jack Mooney, Carnor Jax/RAC

team wales arrive in spain.png

Events like this are very interesting for looking at the state of the meta. Or rather in this case the evolved Wave 10 meta, which is now in flux since the release of Wave 11. Every list going to the event is designed to be competitive, and while people will be playing for fun there is definitely going to be an edge to it.

ETC Imperial list

So… can anyone else guess what ship is the most favoured in the European Meta? I’m struggling to see it myself… Remember wave 11 isn’t legal for this event.

Not much of a surprise there then, anyone who’s been playing competitively in the last few months will be well used to the contracted scouts being very much a thing, now lets break it down by faction, starting with the Imperials.

ETC Imperial list.jpg

Deci crewThere are 16 lists of any given faction at the event. Each faction cannot include the same unique cards in both of their lists. So that means any named ship can only be used a MAXIMUM of 8 times. So with that in mind 6 Rear Admiral Chiraneau out of a possible 8 shows how strong he is.

The Tie Fighters are an anomaly as they are all in one list! But it is no surprise to see Defenders and Special Forces ships topping the lists here. Vessery and Quickdraw are the most popular options in those categories. Out of a possible 15 chassis available there are 12 ships represented, so 80% of the ships are thought strong enough to feature at the event.

Which leads us onto scum:.

ETC Scum.jpg

So where Imperials had an impressive 80% penetration of ships scum have a meager 5/12, 42%. This is defintely a reflection on the strength of newer scum ships, a certain Mr Brady’s love of the “archaic” Y-Wing aside. The older ships just don’t cut it in really competitive games at the moment. With 21 Jumpmasters and a combined total of 20 other ships though it is no wonder that there is significant talk about necessary changes to this incredibly powerful chassis.

Punishing one

Which leads us to my faction for this event, the Rebels.

ETC rebelsWho have 10 different ships represented out of the 16 at their disposal, so 63%. Which means they are more diverse than the Scum, but less so than the Imperials.  Miranda is the queen here, she in the most used named pilot in the competition, featuring in every team! Pleasingly not all those T65s are Biggs, one of them is Wes Jansen, as a prominent part of Alessandro De Bono’s Rebel Pick and mix list.

ETC Biggs.jpg

We could spiral these stats out of control into breaking down every ship by pilot all over the place but you can look at that yourself by clicking here if you really want to, but just because it is probably the one that is of most interest to the debate at the moment here you go:

ETC Jumps.jpg

People sure do love that PS3 non unique pilot. I’m personally delighted to be a part of the only team not taking a single Jumpmaster to the event!

So looking at it the other way, which ships are one offs? 5 get to be the only one in their class for this weekend:

  • Captain Yorr, Lambda Shuttle
  • Tomax Bren, Tie Bomber
  • Kylo Ren, Upsilon-Class Shuttle
  • Duchess, Tie Striker
  • Corran Horn, E-Wing

Next to the numerous RAC + Friend lists, the Mirandaspam and Jumpmasters it’s going to be really interesting to see how these ships that have to be considered peripheral to the meta of the ETC are going to perform. Yorr is in his traditional Palp carrying role, Duchess, a cheap high pilot skill ship, (my) Corran is a regenning arc dodger. Kylo and Tomax are the most interesting uniques as they aren’t commonly seen in competitions that I go to. Tomax even less so than Kylo.

top gun sunset.jpg

I can’t wait to get to Spain and meet up with the rest of Team Wales, it’s going to be an awesome weekend playing games and meeting new people! I know what I want to pair against, and I know what I don’t want, but I’m not going to go into that in a preview article! (Most people can probably guess what my bad match ups are!)

Corran and Poe are off to take on the world! Due to flying back on Monday night the write up will be early next week sometime, but I’ll be posting up pictures on instagram over the weekend and I’m sure there will be plenty of other social media coverage if anyone wants to follow what’s going on.

boba instagram

The EX-Wings Will Return, and so will the Protectorates, and the Firesprays, and probably some other things too…

If you want to get playing some tournaments then head to the 186th Tournament Calendar to see what’s going on local to you.

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