The X-Philes: We can only hope to go down fighting

A double header weekend, I love these. So much hanging out with friends and getting annoyed with dice rolls. Two events in a weekend is always good fun. First up is another visit to Warboar in Bromley, however there are some additional rules at this event to make it all a bit spicy:

  • No Turrets, if you have a 360 arc it is restricted to printed arc.
  • No Duplicate Cards in a List
  • No more than one big ship

one big ship and no turrets

All this leads to aces being very much the expected flavour of the day. Strong initiative bids, high pilot skill and lots of arc dodging are on the cards, and I thought long and hard about going with Poe and Corran, I even wrote a list for them that met the restrictions of the event. It’s also going to be the first event where Wave 11 is present, so I’m anticipating some nonsense from there, even turretless Nym and Miranda are a threatening prospect. However I’ve discarded my current Rebellious flavour of the week for something altogether more unique to this event.

Vader is likely to be a strong ship today. No turrets, PS11 and two stress free actions are going to make him probably the alpha ship of the day. It’s not like the Imperials have plenty of options of friends to support him. It’s going to be a very interesting day to see what people come up with in response to the restrictions.

Darth Scariff

I’ve come up with some nonsense for this, things I never really fly for a one off event could be fun, and that is the name of the game. A couple of “meta” ships who’ll be flown in a very much “non-meta” way!

Fenn Rau Contracted Scout Jakku Gunrunner
Veteran Instincts Intimidation Outlaw Tech
Concord Dawn Intelligence Agent Thermal Detonator
Stealth Device R5-P8 Pattern Analyzer
Rigged Cargo Shoot Black Market Slicer Tools
Anti Pursuit Lasers Space Tug Tractor Array

MS2The concept of the list is very simple. The Gunrunner and the Scout get in the way and be generally obstructive (the anvil) and then Fenn comes in  and bludgeons people (thus becoming the hammer in this metaphor). An eight point bid and a PS11 Fenn should ensure he gets to be a douchebag to people. Joel North, Hero of Phoenix Squadron (when he’s not flying Scum) and resurgent blogger flew a similar contacted scout last week at ibuywargames, and the potential for frustration is massive!

  • Stealth Device over Autothrusters because no turrets
  • Jumpmaster with a turret that won’t work, so he finds other ways to do damage
  • Gunrunner with BMST because I expect Push the Limit will be a thing.

I guess if there is an expected meta to this one off event then this list is designed to be very much an anti-meta list. It’s a sound theory, but will practice be a different story?

I’ve only flown Fenn a few times before competatively, never flown a contracted scout (dabbled with Manaroo way before the mindlink thing became a thing) and literally took my Quadjumper out of the packaging on Friday night! To paraphrase Captain Solo:

never tell me the odds

So it started badly, paired against serial “make the cutter” and good friend Oli Pocknell. Managing to roll two evades in a game is always fun, 6 dice from fen and one evade… I’m not going to lie, it was painful and 100-0 later in 20 minutes I knew I’d be looking at the bye in round two… Oli was getting his wave eleven on with Nym, Jess and his favourite ship, Jake. I was using things I am less experienced with. But the dice hurt. He’d have won anyway but the 100-0 was a tad harsh.


After the bye the day went up hill, I finished 3-2 in the end and came in 4th out of 13 which all things considered I was very happy with. I have two special mentions to make though:

Game 4 against Will Haselwood from the 186th was ridiculously close, and I totally mis-calcualted my end game! It finished 25-24 to him… the thermal detonators on my quadjummper, that I didn’t use all day were under my damage card on the ship… and I FORGOT to add those points on thinking I was ahead by 2 points!

We was using a Tie Punisher, and It was SUPER COOL!

Advanced sensors then barrel roll when revealing the bomb, then the move was really strong and made a ship much maligned in the meta genuinely impressive, and he flew it brilliantly.

As bad as my green dice in game one had been my red dice in game five were good. And When my Fenn lined up a target locked shot on Tim Choy’s Fenn (who had 6 green dice thanks to his stealth device) and then one shotted him… I did feel a that maybe, just maybe Nuffle was apologising to me for earlier indiscretions.

blanking out be like

Sorry Tim…

Key lesson from the day:

  • Flying ships you don’t know isn’t a great way to win games!
  • Bumpmasters are great when they bump but they’re actually really hard to bump.
  • Quadjumpers with pattern Analyzer and Outlaw Tech are amazingly fun. “oh look at that big scary rock I’m going to hit next turn… never mind, just fly backwards, barrel roll and get a focus.
  • Thermal detonators you don’t ever use are a WASTE OF POINTS
  • Bye’s are not as fun as playing games and losing
  • Alternative format X-Wing is FUN, big shout to Jason Grimwood all-round gaming community hero for putting on something fun and different, looking forward to the next one.

A certain Mr O. Pocknell went on to go 5-0 for the day, which was an impressive display.


It’s a trip to The Game Shop in Aldershot for a Q2 kit event hosted by the Womp Rats, Luke from the Womp Rats posted up his report on the even here. Not had one of these in ages because store champs season isn’t massively accommodating to the more general tournament but it’s a chance to fly the list I was looking at a couple of weeks ago which can accurately be described as rebel Jank, but also a pleasantly themed for the Battle of Scariff. I’ve had a couple of games with it on Vassal and it is a lot of fun. I would have flown it yesterday had it not been for the turret restrictions making Dutch somewhat redundant.

The Battle of Scariff art

The Heroes of Scariff is a lot of good ol’ rebel synergy that buff each other, with a U-wing to make it all together awesome!

Cassian Andor Dutch Vander Garven Dries
Daredevil Targetting Astromech R2 Astromech
Kyle Katarn Ion Turret Intergrated Astromech
Kanan Jarrus
Engine Upgrade
Advanced Sensors
Pivot Wing

Clearing Stress with Cassian, sharing focuses with Garven and spamming target locks with Dutch does all seem quite fun. Keeping everyone at PS6 makes me happy from a squad building point of OCD! It does require squadron flying because everyone’s ability requires being within range 1-2. Fortuantely it’s not close formation flying because I’m not very good at that!

Any list that includes Rogue One, Red Leader and Gold Leader has gotta be good right?

All three pilots had very different reactions to finding out they were going to a tournament…

It’s fair to say that a three 100-0 loses and one win out of four games is probably not great but the FUN that U-Wing provides is simply incredible. Teamed with something that does a bit more consistent damage that ship could be utterly brilliant. Its ability to zoom around the table is second to none. Even against a stressbot it doesn’t struggle too much due to Kanan and Kyle churning out a focus on every move bar one as you clear a stress!

In fact, Lee, the TO for the day like my list enough to reward me with Lego for having a cool list! He was particularly impressed by my opening move, which was the U-Wing on the edge of the table facing the wrong way.

The day was won my Jason Barton running the Rey/Norra list he has been using for the last few months to great effect. The fact that he can’t roll any dice that don’t land on paint aside, he has that list down. Naturally I lost to it quickly and graciously. My love and admiration for Rey just increases every time I play her….

Rey with a hat

It was a great fun weekend, full of laughs, games and fun. Next week I’ll be at Eclectic Games in Reading’s store champs for one last fly before getting on a plane to Spain for the European Team Champs with Corran and Poe. I have a couple of options to look at flying… it should be fun.

Neds Head

As a total aside: Creativity is cool, if you didn’t catch Brecht Cuppens post of some awesome X-Wing related photographs then you should have a look.

The EX-Wings Will Return

Head over to the 186th Tournament Calendar to find events going on near you.

boba instagram

I don’t know about you, but my alarm is set for 6am to watch a certain TV show before work.


  1. I ran the same Cassian build on the weekend (just minus Kanan) and he was great fun to fly. People underestimated how quick he can be.


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